Michigan's Governor Rick Snyder: Shaping the Next Transportation Frontier

Detroit recently launched a new campaign to let visitors know it is Go Time in Detroit. That message is also true of the innovation and collaboration that is happening in Detroit and across Michigan around the future of mobility.

We are proud to be the capital of the global automotive industry. While we are well known for putting the world on wheels more than a century ago, today we are committed to embracing a new legacy as a leader in the future of mobility. We call our mobility ecosystem — and the collective of initiatives it encompasses —PlanetM.


 There is a convergence happening with the IT and the automotive industries coming together to create a new mobility industry. Here in Michigan, we are committed to building an ecosystem where business, research and entrepreneurship can thrive and shape the next transportation frontier with autonomous and connected vehicles.

As residents change the way they live, travel and use services, many of the technologies that are changing these industries will be conceptualized, tested and created in Michigan. We also are at the forefront of putting policies in place that will serve as incubators for this critical industry. Michigan was one of the first states to legalize self-driving vehicles on public roads and we are proud to be a global leader when it comes to initiating policies and regulations around self-driving vehicles.

When it comes to connected and autonomous vehicles, collaboration is critical. The technology is developing more quickly than industry or government can keep up, and we need safety to go hand-in-hand with progress.

At ITS World Congress in Montreal late last year, Michigan led a symposium that allowed global leaders in mobility to share best practices, and to learn more about how testing facilities can work together to advance the technologies surrounding connected and automated vehicle development. What we learned was that collectively we are doing wonderful things but that our work is far from done.

That is why I am excited to welcome you to Detroit for the 2018 ITS America Annual Meeting — to keep making progress on what we accomplished in Montreal and accelerate that progress. We need to get the people who will determine how to do technical, legal and regulatory standards across the U.S. and across the world collaborating for success.

Come to Detroit to experience the excitement, revitalization and renewed energy found throughout the nation’s comeback city. But also come ready to roll up your sleeves and keep the advancements we have already made accelerating forward. I look forward to seeing you in June.

Rick Snyder is the Governor of the State of Michigan.