2018 ITS America Annual Meeting Demonstrations

As part of ITS America 2018 Annual Meeting, a number of exhibitors are offering demonstrations of ITS technology to registered event attendees. Reservations (when necessary) for the Demonstrations are free but may be limited in number. PLANET M is hosting the demonstration reservation system and will have sign up kiosks in the following areas; Attendee Registration Desk, Lower level atrium at the demonstration launch location and at the PLANET M Booth.  Volunteers will be on hand at each location to assist attendees with registration and answer questions. Also, please note that demonstrations will not take place during the keynote hours of the conference. 


3M – Roadshow Demo Truck

Demo Description: 
Come experience the 3M Roadshow Demo Truck at ITS America.  The truck is loaded with interactive experiences to help you learn about transportation safety and where the future of transportation is headed. 

  • Innovation Theater Sit down and watch demonstrations of 3M™ Connected Roads technology – view the demo from the driver’s seat.
  • Fluorescent Technology, experience how fluorescent signs enhance the visibility of signs in dawn, dusk and inclement weather conditions.
  • Virtual Reality to experience the possibilities of how autonomous vehicles interact with traffic signs, work zones and lane markings, all in our state-of-the art interactive demo.

Demo Days: Tuesday, June 5 - Wednesday, June 6


Bosch – V2I - Intelligent Vehicle to Roadside Infrastructure Mobility Solutions

Demo Description: 
Bosch connects cars with smart infrastructure to demonstrate secure V2X communication from roadside infrastructure, cameras and sensors to vehicles.  This allows in-vehicle notifications for red light warning, pedestrian detection and communication with other roadway users. Bosch and its subsidiary ESCRYPT have the sensor and software expertise needed to create secure mobility services and solutions for urban environments of the future.

Demo Days: Monday, June 4 - Thursday, June 7


Continental – Static Cruising Chauffeur

In this static hands on demonstration, Continental will demonstrate hardware and HMI (Human Machine Interface) concepts for its cruising chauffeur development platform. The demonstration will showcase the different modes of the system (e.g. manual driving, automated driving) and also highlight different use cases (e.g. lane change, minimum risk maneuver) statically. The participants will see how we communicate the modes and actions of the system to the passengers within the vehicle using our HMI simulation.

Demo Days: Monday, June 4  - Thursday, June 7


Continental – Traffic Light Assist

Demo Description: 
Continental will demonstrate its Traffic Light Assist (TLA) using Vehicle to Infrastructure technology by driving a loop around downtown Detroit.  TLA will inform you about the exact timing of the traffic lights on your route. You will get a speed recommendation allowing you to drive more safely, economically and catch the "green wave" using Continental's eHorizon technology. The vehicle will be in direct communication with the traffic lights using "Dedicated Short Range Communication" / Wifi 802.11p Roadside Units provided by MDOT.

Demo Days: Monday, June 4 - Thursday, June 7

ZincFive – The Power Behind ITS (Booth 614)

Demo Description: 
We all live and work in an increasingly connected world where the new imperative is continuous operation. Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) combined with the Internet of Things (IOT) and ubiquitous communications is rapidly impacting our world.  Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are evolving to leverage communication, information, clouds and mobile devices for modern mobility.  The development of integrated and dependent systems including signalized intersections, tolling, variable messaging and traffic operations centers is driving the need for 100% uptime and continuous operation.  This booth demonstration, “The Power Behind ITS”, will showcase the importance of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to the infrastructure ecosystem by triggering a power failure to a traffic cabinet with and without a UPS and discuss how having power and not having power in an ITS infrastructure manages this scenario.

Demo Days: Tuesday, June 5 - Thursday, June 7


Iteris, Siemens and Sirius XM – Connected Vehicle Safety Demonstration

Demo Description: 
Iteris, Siemens, and Sirius XM have teamed up to provide a fantastic on-street demonstration of several connected vehicle (CV) safety applications at the upcoming ITSA Annual Meeting.  Through the use of Iteris video detection, Siemens ESCoS Road Side Unit (RSU) and Sirius XM’s On Board Unit (OBU), participants in the ride-along demonstration will experience a near-future reality of how vehicles communicate with infrastructure and other equipped vehicles. The demonstration includes V2I applications such as Wrong Way Entry (WWE), Green SPaT (Signal Phase and Timing) countdown, Pedestrian Detection (Ped-X) Warning with Iteris video detection sensors, and Speed Advisory.  Also included are V2V applications such as Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Emergency Electronic Brake Light (EEBL).   There are additional applications that will be showcased in the Iteris and Siemens booths within the exhibit hall. 

Demo Days: Monday, June 4 - Thursday, June 7


General Motors –  V2I Safety Applications Using DSRC

Demo Description: 
V2I Safety applications using Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC):

1.     Red Light Violation Warning:

a. This application is designed to warn drivers of potential red light violation based on

  • The vehicle speed
  • Distance to the approaching intersection

b. The Infrastructure application component consists of a Road Side Unit (RSU) connected to traffic signal controller that broadcasts the following DSRC messages:

  • SPaT message, which provides information about the signal phase and time
  • MAP message, which provides information about the intersection geometry

c. The in-vehicle application component consists of an On Board Equipment (OBE) that uses the above mentioned messages from RSU, combines that with other information about the vehicle (position, speed etc) to determine if the vehicle is in danger of violating a red light

2. Reduced Speed/Work Zone Warning:

a. This application is designed to:

  • Inform drivers of an approaching work zone/lane closure
  • Warn drivers of potential speed violation in work/reduced speed zones
  • Warn drivers of changed roadway configurations (for example when the driver is in a lane that is closed)

b.The Infrastructure application component consists of a RSU which broadcasts work zone information such as

  • Speed limits
  • Lane closure information etc

c. The in-vehicle application component consists of an OBE that uses the message from the RSU, and host-vehicle information to provide appropriate information/alert to driver to reduce speed or change lanes

Demo Days: TBD


Demo Description: 

Safety in Work Zones is a significant problem worldwide. The main cause for Work Zone crashes is drivers being unaware of the approaching hazard.  An off-the-shelf solution is now available and will be demonstrated by GEWI, HERE Technologies, and iCone.

GEWI’s TIC Software will be used to receive live iCone Work Zone ITS device data which is then published through the HERE’s production system.  This concept was first demonstrated by GEWI at ITS World Congress in Orlando in 2011.  This deployment at ITS America 2018 no longer involves prototypes, but actual production off-the-shelf systems that supply traffic data to any of HERE’s products and customers.

During the demonstration drive you will learn about the individual components that make this Smart Work Zone to Navigation demonstration possible. Visitors to the GEWI and HERE booths will be able to view the technology at many stages from the GEWI TIC Software, to the portable navigation devices (PND).

HERE expects to be rolling out construction work zone and lane closure incidents using live iCone ITS work zone data in 2018, leveraging GEWI TIC Software features for incident gathering in HERE’s traffic operations, greatly enhancing both coverage and accuracy for construction work zones and lane closures in products using HERE traffic data. Motorists, road agencies, work crews will benefit from safer, more efficient experiences by more complete, accurate knowledge of exactly when and where work zones and lane closures are in effect.

Demo Days: Tuesday, June 5 - Wednesday, June 6

LEAR – High Accuracy GPS

Demo Description: 
A demonstration of a high accuracy GPS using Lear’s proprietary software.

Demo vehicle will be equipped with two identical GPS receivers that utilize IMUs for dead reckoning. Both receivers will be connected to the same antenna via a splitter. One of the receivers will have Lear’s sensor fusion algorithms installed and will be receiving Lear’s GPS correction data in real time via an IP connection.

Demo vehicle will broadcast a video stream of a Google earth map with two lines being plotted simultaneously from the drive in real time. Broadcasted video stream will be shown at Lear’s booth.

Demo Days: Monday, June 4 - Thursday, June 7

LEAR – Lear’s Transit Signal Priority

Demo Description: 
Lear’s ConnexUs V2X Connectivity

The demonstration will highlight how a vehicle equipped with Lear’s technology can enable transit signal priority to help keep public transportation running on schedule.  A few select intersections will be equipped with Lear ConnexUs roadside V2X units and a bus equipped with a Lear ConnexUs on-board V2X unit will be given traffic signal priority at these intersections based on the V2X communication between these units. Additional data will be available to see onboard the demonstration city bus.

Lear ConnexUs to a more efficient transportation system

Demo Days: TBD


Skyline – Mobile Video Unit

Demo Description: 
Skyline will demonstrate two mobile video products for use on service and emergency vehicles.  The first product we will demonstrate is a tethered drone mounted in the vehicle bed, complete with 360 degree camera.  We will demonstrate the up/down control of the unit and the video transmission.  Secondly, we will show our rack mounted PTZ mobile video unit, also on the same vehicle. 

Demo Days: Wednesday, June 6

MDOT HI-RES color.jpg
Planet_M w tag.jpg

MDOT and AECOM – TMC of the future (Booth 300)

Demo Description: 
MDOT and AECOM have partnered to demonstrate how traffic operations centers (TOC) of today will transform into transportation management centers (TMC) of tomorrow in the PLANET M booth. The TMC of the Future exhibit presents participants with an interactive, touch-screen experience that showcases the evolution of transportation infrastructure, vehicles and advanced traffic management solutions where connected and automated vehicles are near commonplace. Participants will witness how the roles of TMC staff may change as we approach 2045 in response to the changing transportation landscape, and be given the opportunity to interact with traffic management tasks in the areas of incident management, asset management, and performance measurement and system optimization.  

Demo Days: During Exhibit Hall Hours


MDOT/SMART/Macomb County – Transit Signal Priority using DSRC

Partners: Michigan DOT, Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART), Macomb County, Mixon-Hill, Danlaw, Fourth Dimension Traffic

Demo Description: 
This is the first use of 5.9 GHz DSRC for transit signal priority in Michigan.  The ITS America Annual Meeting Demonstration will show attendees transit signal priority for a SMART bus operating through six signalized intersections along Groesbeck Highway in Macomb County using a DSRC connected vehicle environment.  Macomb County operates 2070 signal controllers running Fourth Dimension’s D4 firmware in this corridor.  On-board computers will evaluate schedule adherence and bus occupancy conditions in determining the need for priority request.  For buses behind schedule and requesting priority, a signal priority request will be submitted via DSRC from the bus OBU to an RSU talking to the controller.  Transit priority will be provided by calling early green phases or extending green phases through the D4 firmware.  Participants will be able to view the transit data through MDOT’s DUAP software operating on the bus.

Demo Days: Tuesday, June 5 - Wednesday, June 6


Miovision – Smartest Intersection

Demo Description: 
Detroit is home to the smartest intersections in the world - powered by Miovision technology.  Visit booth 212 for an Augmented Reality (AR) experience with a Hololens headset which explains how video sensors, intelligent signal control, and connected vehicles communicate with city infrastructure and make the World’s Smartest Intersection come to life. Participants will watch a story unfold by exploring a corridor of intersections in downtown Detroit in 3D space. The experience shows how Detroit was once a disconnected city but now has been transformed into a smart city, after collaborating with the private and public sector to create the World's Smartest Intersection.

Learn more at: www.smartestintersection.com

Demo Days: Tuesday, June 5 - Thursday, June 7


SSI – Mobile LiDar Data Collection for Autonomous Vehicle Initiatives

Demo Description: 

The demonstration will show how each component of SSI’s Mobile LiDAR system is seamlessly integrated to collect highly detailed 3D data. Participants will also get to see how LiDAR data is post processed, extracted, and used downstream for various applications.

Demo Days: Tuesday, June 5 - Thursday, June 7


TAPCO – Wrong-Way Alert System in Action

Demo Description: 
In this demonstration, you’ll first see the traffic manager’s perspective of a TAPCO Wrong-Way Alert System.  Observe notifications as they arrive to a user’s screen via email, voice, or text message, alerting the recipient of a wrong way incident.  Then, ride inside a vehicle and experience the driver’s perspective in a simulated wrong-way driving incident, observing the warning alert signals and other functions performed by the TAPCO Wrong-Way Alert System.  

Demo Days: Wednesday, June 6 - Thursday, June 7


Valeo –  Parking-as-a-Service

Demo Description: 

Valeo Parking-as-a-Service is a technology demonstration of a fully automated parking system (Valeo Park4U®) that is operating in the cloud. Valeo is showcasing how this technology can enable new use-cases and business models.

Valeo is exploring new use-cases and the development of new business models based on its expertise in automated parking. In this demonstration, the driver remotely activates the Park4U® system from her/his smartphone, sending the the vehicle to scan for an available spot to park. The Park4U® sensors data are then sent to the cloud server where the algorithms are now executed. Finally, the control commands are sent back to the vehicle to proceed to the parking maneuver, with no other input from the driver.

This innovative solution not only reduces the requirements in processing power in the vehicle but also enables new use-cases like Valet Parking, remote fleet management, end of line, etc. and new business model such as Parking-as-a-Service.

Demo Days: Monday, June 4 - Thursday, June 7

telegra logo rgb-01.jpg

Demo Description: 
In time of rapidly evolving information technologies, and even faster growing traffic problems, the most efficient way is tapping into unused resources and deploying new technologies that are easy to understand and use, yet safe and future-proof.

Telegra is one of the leading ITS solution providers in the world. With over 25 years of ITS experience, Telegra award-winning products have been implemented in over 35 countries, across 5 continents.

Telegra solutions will be demonstrated at our booth 635:

  • topXviewTM Complete Ai-based Traffic Management Center Platform – Big Data analytics, Smart City and Cloud ready, App / NAV / V2X friendly; supports complete TMC operations , and is available even for clients that have only video feeds in their control centers
  • X-AIDTM Video Incident Detection and Analytics – traffic video analysis system based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, with 75% less false alarms ratio and 100% better detection accuracy than competition
  • NextGenTM Series 3 - New Generation DMS Technology – break-through, lightweight, green technology, that saves money, requires no periodic maintenance, and provides the highest level of reliability and traffic safety.

Demo Days: First come first serve

  • Tuesday, June 5 -  5:00pm to 7:00pm
  • Wednesday, June 6 - 10:00am to 5:00pm
  • Thursday, June 7 - 10:00am to 2:00pm


AT&T, Audi, Ford and Qualcomm Technologies C-V2X live demonstrations

Demo Description:
5GAA, ATT, Audi, Ford and Qualcomm Technologies invite you to see the dynamic, live and experiential C-V2X demonstrations at the American Center for Mobility (ACM) during the week of ITSA.

Demonstrations include:

  • Emergency electronic brake light
  • Pedestrian road crossing alert
  • Traffic signal timing
  • Intersection movement assist
  • Video streaming
  • Left turn assist
  • Geo-targeted + Extended event notifications

Shuttle service will be available departing from COBO Center at bus station #9, outside door #1, and taking attendings to the ACM during the following times.

Demo Dates/Times

  • Tuesday, June 5 – 12:30-5:30 (please note there will not be shuttles running during the keynote 1:30-3:30)
  • Wednesday, June 6 - 10:00–2:00
  • Thursday, June 7 - 8:30-12:00

Derq – AI-based V2X Safety Application Ride Along

Demo Description:
Derq will demonstrate its AI-based Red-Light Violation prediction and warning application at their recent deployment in Downtown Detroit. Attendees will be able to ride in the demo vehicle to experience how AI-based V2X can predict violations with advanced warning, and will then get an overview of Derq’s deployment at Jefferson and Randolph. This deployment is a live Derq project in collaboration with MDOT and PlanetM, and highlights how Derq’s patented algorithms can leverage connected sensors and V2X technologies to improve road safety for cities and fleets.

Demo Days: Tuesday, June 5 – Thursday, June 7


Michele Mueller at Muellerm2@michigan.gov

Michael Freitas at Michael.Freitas@atkinsglobal.com